Our Services

Determined to help you live a life free of mental or behavioral issues, we offer personalized and holistic behavior therapy in Bethesda, Maryland, to those needing our help!

We Offer The Following Services

With knowledge, experience, and dedication, we offer our clients a transformative experience by offering the following services:

Sad red-haired girl talking about depression during group meeting with therapist

Community Behavioral Health

Our community behavioral health services provide support, therapy, and counseling for individuals struggling with mental health and behavioral issues.

A psychology specialist explaining an action plan for recovery to a troubled teenage boy during an individual therapy session

Substance and Alcohol Use Treatment

We offer personalized support for individuals struggling with substance and alcohol use disorders through our addiction recovery program.

Psychotherapy Concept. Depressed black man talking to psychologist during individual therapy, therapist advising something

Common Chronic Condition

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Athritis
  • Heart Disease